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March 19, 2010


I'm enjoying my new soul sliver game that I reserved a few weeks ago and picked it up when it came out.
Yeah, I'm a poke nerd, always have been more of for the games than the anime which in my view, sucks. But, enough of that. The story is still the same or so far but they did upgrade on several parts of the story including the menu or the fact that my pokemon love to follow me about and react to there surrounding. XD

*Has a totodile following her and hugs Manda's leg*

Totodile: <3 *huggles*

Manda: Ekkkkk!!! *melts from the cuteness*

Sorry. XP
But, I'm still in the beginning area of the game and such, so no online dueling till I get my team up. I'm happy to have something to do scince lately the past mouth, my tablet has deicded to play bitch with me.
I'd accidentally droped the pin, one day it wasn't a harsh or anything just landed on the nip part and now *Tries to use tablet*
The mouse won't move when I use the pen nib aera, I gotten new nibs but nothing only the eraser part only works drawing looks funky when I use it. Overall, it's the pen's fault not the entire tablet.
My dad suggests I get a new one, A pen that is. Should I do it, or is there some way to fix it cause if there was some way to get my pen part working again. I'm happy to hear it.

Oh, my tablet is a BAMBOO FUN. Until I do something about this, no online drawing, manga studio artwork from Manda cause she can't do it without her precious tools and has too much pride to settle less.


Here's my pokemon friend code from Soul sliver. I3
Manda: 1462 8431 9422
Comment with you're number, so I may add you to my list, so we could battle and whatnot.
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*Sigh* I lasted 2 days. *Bought Gold Heart*
Almost-college kids can't afford new games. HBut you picked wisely. Totodile's sooo cute.
GhostPenis Mar 17, 2010
SOULSILVER PRIDE!! I wear my Pokewalker everywhere, haha. Also, you should just buy a new pen, they're only like $20. My pen died because I dropped it and I tried to fix it according to this guide I found online and it just ended up even more broken than before.
Mad-Plot-Bunny Mar 17, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Anyways same here. I thought it was a cheap toy but I was wrong. I played that thing as much as the game itself. I3
Anyways...yeah, it feels like I have to come to that soultion.
Thanks though, Ghosty. Let's battle sometime too.
GhostPenis Mar 18, 2010
WE SHOULD TRADE POKEMONS SOMETIME. Also I wore my Pokewalker on my leotard during all of the shows for the play I was in lolol.
Mad-Plot-Bunny Mar 18, 2010  Student Digital Artist
Sweet. We should, I caught a few odd pokemon here and there. I3
I want to buy the new pokemon but I'm trying to watch my money these days. >.<
Also I'm planning to buy Gold Heart.
Mad-Plot-Bunny Mar 17, 2010  Student Digital Artist
That sucks. But, it's okay.
Anyways that sounds cool, if you go get,me and tofu could battle eachother and whatnot. XD
I'm definitely up for a battle with you guys some day.
I'm definitely going to get it but it's a question of when. I still might give in and get it soon.
FouMei Mar 17, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I got Soul Silver for my GF, she loves it!

I wish I still had a DS, I would have gotten Heart Gold so I could play with her. I miss the old Poke'mon games... Especially the older poke'mon. They should have redone the original Red/Blue versions! Or do that next!
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