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PCBC3 Pokemon Team refs by Mad-Plot-Bunny PCBC3 Pokemon Team refs by Mad-Plot-Bunny
PCBC3-Trainer profile:…
PCBC3 Group pic:

Okay. I know I already done the group pic, so this is probably page two of references since this is what the team looks like in full detail. I'm working on there full information, so bear with me. But I do hope you guys like it and wish me luck entering PCBC3.

NOTE: While the team are usually performers than fighters, they tend to 'show' off but it's best to not underesitmate them considering how their trainer put there acrobatics to great use. Zeke and Elizabeth are pro's at this kind of stuff. XD

-Name: Zeke
-Species: Servpvior
-Gender: Male
-Nature: Bold, Likes to eat
-Held item: Quick Claw ( Necklace..just hidden by the wraps)
-Ability: Contrary
-Move set: Leaf Storm, Hidden Power (ice), Dragon tail , Swagger

-Bio: Five years since that fateful encounter when Lily saved a wounded Snivy from an angry arbok in the wild, returned to the wild came back later joined her party when he grew into a servine. ( Zeke's bandages used to be on his tail and feet but were eventually removed and wrapped around his neck because it is Zeke's prized possession) Zeke has more ways than one. Among the strongest of the group or most strongest due to his advantage of Leaf storm and his Contrary ablilty, on par to Elizabeth, the gardevoir and the snake still butt heads now and again. Those past few years and seems to have FINALLY mellowed out a 'little'. Lillian has FINALLY managed to wean him off from eating live pokemon (He used to be wild), he still enjoys being spoiled to eating all sorts of food but Zeke still remains the prideful, smug and less but still a jerk attitude. In battle, Zeke enjoys using 'Swagger' and loves to piss off his emeries before he lasts them to kingdom come. However as of late, Zeke is still protective and loyal to his trainer, while he does not attack openly like he used to. If you annoy him, Zeke will sneak a good whack or two behind Lily's back. Igor's adbaonment of the team has led Zeke to hold a grudge to the hypno, for causing his trainer so much pain unlike Interga who has completely given up hope on their trainer. Zeke refuses to give up instead is trying alongside with Elizabeth to make sure, Lily is gets back on her feet sooner or later.

-Name: Elizabeth
-Species: Gardevoir
-Gender: Female
-Nature: Sassy/ Lost in thought
-Held item: Bright Powder (Coated on the fabric)
-Ability: Trace
-Move set: Confuse ray, Destiny bond, Charge Beam, Psychic
-Bio: Another member of the original troupe. Elizabeth used be the drama queen and has known Igor. Elizabeth has changed much. Elizabeth is less of a bitch and is now the elder sister figure figure among the new members but rather distant from Lily, just as troubled as Lily but still looks out for everyone. Zeke and herself still don't get along but temporary made a truce due to what happened with Igor leaving the team. Elizabeth as a gardevoir is more than willing to protect her trainer, no matter what but now more than ever now that......she seen the future when Lily tried to teach her future sight ( during the process, Elizabeth freaked out and Lily had to force her to abort the move). Elizabeth is the only member of the team who knows 'why' Igor left the team and Whatever Elizabeth saw only on her trainer's 'future' she and Igor knows the details exactly but it's enough reason that the gardevoir is more than willing to protect her trainer (Let's just say...Lil doesn't have much of a future left.). True to Gardevoir nature. Her psychic powers are formidable as she can shape them to whatever she desires (weapons, whips, etc) to just blasting the hell out of you. Beware of her Destiny bond 'kisses', she uses it as a last resort.

-Name: Interga
-Species: Scolipede
-Gender: Female
-Nature: Serious/ Proud of it's power
-Held item: Leftovers ( crushed into a pipe. For the love of god, don't take it. @__@;; )
-Ability: Poison Point
-Move set: Spikes, Iron defense, Venoshock, Rock Slide
-Bio: One of Lily's first pokemon while exploring Unova, caught as whirlipede. Interga wasn't very obedient at first, but eventually Lily's attitude and personality towards the team won the stubborn pokemon over. But as of late, Lily's change of behavior after Igor had Interga to lose great respect in her trainer. So in a way Interga refuses to listen to her trainer in battle seemly given up on her trainer but she's still adamant to protect the rest of the team where her trainer has 'failed'. Elizabeth, Zeke don't seem to agree with Interga's opinion on the situation. Interga behind that poisonous shell, cranky middle age-lady, she's still takes care of the younger members and keeps them out of trouble even though most of the 'young'lings' find Interga frightening but it keeps them in line. Interga in battle but she's a walking fortress and shows no mercy on the battle field. A fortress often she lets her poison point, spikes to do the dirty work counters with Venoshock (From her pipe) that or by a crushing rock slide.

She'll obey once Lily finally gets her act together...

-Name: Ari
-Species: Zoroark
-Gender: Female
-Nature: Naive/ Strongly defiant
-Held item: Focus sash (tied around her tail with bells)
-Ability: Illusion
-Move set: U-Turn, Trickery, Flame Thrower, Counter
-Bio: Aria met Lily as a Zorua pup who was spereated from her mother and was lost for days. Aria came across Lily's little camp attracted to the smell of food, so Ari attempted to disguised herself as the trainer and tried to steal some food only to be caught in the act by the others...mostly Interga. Thank god, Lily stopped her pokemon from beating the crap out of the little fox and coaxed her out of the bushes, feed her then let sent Aria on her way.

Only....Ari attempted to follow Lily by disguising herself as one of the pokemon, only everyone saw though the trick because 'Scolipede's can't do backflips and dance like that...espically if it's Interga'.So Lily decided to take this strange copy cat dispite being a dark type as one of the team. Ari has always been thankful for that and sees Lily as a 'mother' figure. Aria is like most Zoroarks are sneaky and mischerious creatures but Ari takes the light hearted approach. Ari has only recently evolved so she still acts like a puppy. Osscionally as a joke mostly behind Lil's back, Ari enjoys transforming into her trainer, now and again. So don't be too surpise when you see Lily and she acts really werid...well that's just Ari messing with you.

She has trouble grasping the situation, she knows her momma is 'sad' and tries very hard 'in her way' to make Lily feel better.

Oh don't want to hear Ari sing:… (Okay maybe, she has a funny singing voice )

-Name: Margaret
-Species: Gothoritta
-Gender: Female
-Nature: Gentle/ Finicky
-Held item: Light Clay ( Attach to cuff links)
-Ability: Shadow Tag
-Move set: Telekinesis, Reflect, Mirror Coat, Future sight
-Bio: Given as a gift to Lily from her agent alongside with a Solosis; A bit of an oddball of a Gothoritta, Margaret is quite sweet for her species nor is capable of staring at something at one spot. If anything, she never stays still instead she dances even in place or at least moving one part of her body, singing or mimicking her trainer. So Margaret is usually a sweetie and works well in double team battles usually Elizabeth, Zeke, Ari and most of all her BFF Ridley, vurnable in one on one unless it is with a special attacker. Margaret is known to be a trapper/supporter, her shadow tag prevents anyone from switching out, Cast reflect and she'll counter with mirror move or wait till she unleashs a future sight. She and Ridley are unaware of the current situation, so she usually goofs off with him.

-Name: Ridley
-Species: Reuniclus
-Gender: Male
-Nature: Quirky/ mischievous
-Held item: Life orb (Carries it in his hand or inside his...'body'
-Ability: Magic Guard
-Move set: Recover, Psychoshock, Focus Blast, Thunder
-Bio: Ridley is Elizabeth's BFF, he grew up alongside Margaret given as a gift by Lily's agent. Ridley is a playful fellow like Margaret but he's strangely very 'grabby'. He will put his hands on almost anything....he's not a pervert. Just he likes to feel of 'ROUND' things and is unaware of what his actions cause, so Lily usually distracts him with the life orb, so he constantly plays with it otherwise he will just grab your face. Ridley is usually Margret's parther in double battles and a total SP wiz, Marget traps them, he blasts them. He's not afraid to bolt your ass if he wants to. As of yet he and Margret are unaware of the current situation, so he constantly goofs off mostly messes with Interga, loves to grasp her horns. (Who he is the only one who is unafraid of)

-UNKNOWN but the major possibility of another member of the original trope. (They are all in Sunnyshore City )
-Lily still keeps Igor's pokeball, monocle/talisman just in case.
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Okay, so it does'nt have anything to do with me? Just curious about the the comment though.
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