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June 29, 2011
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PCBC3- Lillian Faire by Mad-Plot-Bunny PCBC3- Lillian Faire by Mad-Plot-Bunny

Name: Lillian Faire (Pronounced: Fair, E is silent )
Age: 22
Nickname: Lily (Still finds her full name to be rather annoying.)
Height: 5,6
Battle theme: [link]
HomeTown: Sunnyshore City, Shinnoh
Occupation: Performer/ Part time model
Poke' specialty: Team-Work battles, Psychic types
Pokemon Team: [link]
Skills: Efficient battler, charismatic with other pokemon, Lily's emotional acting and fluid dancing have shown to amaze others.
Strategy: Overwhelming SP Attack and status attacks, usually Lily adapts her team to the situation to work there advantage than just mere sheer force.
Reason of entry This contest and traveling should be good for me and the team~ ( Part of it is find Igor, but has limited hopes of actually finding him. So she's trying to pull herself back together, hopefully move on. )
PCBC Entry: [link]

Personality: Charismatic, mildly optimistic but tends to be rather 'honest' with her words time and again, expressive in her emotions but when it comes to deeper emotions. Lily's acts behind a false smile. As a trainer Lil is devoted to her pokemon/friends and truly does care with all of her heart but sometimes she overlooks a few things; Currently troubled which is clouding her sense of judgement.

Lily theses days while friend, she keeps herself in a set distance, a little naive, is a complete sucker for children.

Lily won't admit it but she has the pride of a Emperoen in her work and her Pokemon. You screw with that pride, insult her pokemon even Igor, that is if you really get on her nerves, make her mad or put a happy dent in it. Lil will be more than happy to stuff those words in your mouth...rather forcefully with a smile. ( Yep. No lashing out, she's no at fighting. I meant poke battling and preforming, maybe a prank or two. Just she will do something to put you in your place.)

Lillian was an average little girl in sinnoh who lived with her grandparents who cared for Lily at a young age, she never knew her real parents. Not that she cared, her guardians were enough for the little girl. One day by accident, A four year old Lily snuck into a performer's cart and it rode away with the little girl inside. Of coarse, Lil was found and taken care for yet by the owner Issac Faire....but her grandparents never came for her. (Lil was deeply hurt by that and why to this day.)

So Lily was eventually adopted by Issac Faire in Sunyshore City. It was an odd start but even then Lily was lonely until she was given her first pokemon. A Drowzee. Lily's first friend and the two hit it off quite well and the rest of Lily's childhood was great especially gaining a love for performances and pokemon.

Lily and her hypno eventually left home at age 15 to seek their fortunes. They did well until they made it into a Challenger Chain of the IPL. Thus until the team moved on at age 19...

"My stay on this island has been the best and ...the worst time, I spent in my life. For better or worse, I will never my time here.'

(( Quote from Lillian Faire, prior to leaving the IPL ))

After spending two and a half years on IPL challenger chain as a street performer and messed around in the trainer boards with her performance. Lily eventually decided to go leave and travel aboard to Unova to see more of the world leaving behind Challenger Island and everything she knew behind.
.......I thought it was time to see the world. <D

Lily began to travel to the Unova, eventually restarting she picking up a few new members along the way as the began to preform though the region, steadying rising in fame but still small. Eventually, a year of her travels. Lily was picked out by a talent agent, luckily Lil was already drawn to pokemon Broadway. So began Lillian's and the team's acting career and well...Lily and everyone was quite happy over the last three years, Lily was close to the big times old friend. Igor, her most devoted pokemon/childhood friend for 15 years ( Lily and Igor met when Lil was only 7) left the team and his friend behind. The hypno left overnight leaving behind his pokeball and Monocle/talisman, nobody was none of the wiser.

That was a little over a year ago.

Lily had no idea why her old friend left? Did she do something wrong? Too many questions, not enough answers. But it left a mental mark on Lily. Lil hasn't been doing any better...even the team has noticed but unsure what they can do about it. Lily and her career are starting to fading into obsercity (BTW, she still works as a model). Luckily by chance, she meet someone by the name of Mytho: [link] passing out fliers of PCBC3, as if a twist of fate or someone pointing the way. Looking at the famailer faces and a hopefully 'distraction' Lily takes a chance for first in months.

Extra bits:
- Yeah, she keeps Igor's old monocle/hypno talisman on her person along with his pokeball. Just in case.
- Lily is actually pretty sweet, she still tries to hold on to being an optimist approach despite her depression.
-TERRIBLE PHOBIA OF GRIMERS AND MUKS.... She was swallowed by her sister's muk at age 6. She'll freak out and flee at the sight.
-Lil's performance is on haitus for the moment due to her emotional turmoil.
-Yes, Lily likes flowers. Her favorite flowers are actually Bellflowers, white Lilies are her second fave.
-Igor leaving her left a serious mark because she is torn that she could be to 'blame' for her friend leaving her, all this time?
-What happened is under wraps. Lily hates to talk about it (switch to another subject), she just says she should had done things differently or he just left, she does'nt hate igor, all she wants is her old friend least know why?
-Lily's talents was how emotional her performances are and how well she works with pokemon, most certainty her team. The team (Minus Intgrea) were always willing to follow orders as Lily follows efficient battling.
-Lil sucks at fighting, but hell she can 'run' and her talents of being an acrobat. She can slip and run away if she is really in danger.
-As it stands now, Lily dwindling leadership among the team seems to misplace them emotionally. They hate seeing Lil, this way but have no idea what to do. So they are all becoming emotionally distressed in there own way and taking a toll on there battle efficiently. They are still willing to listen (expect Interga) and defend there trainer.
-Lily is still very sincere to her pokemon. She is unaware of there distress but she still cares her pokemon with all of heart to do the best she can for herself and for them.
-In turn, Lily's team look out for their trainer. If they see something/someone they don't like. Don't expect them, a happy welcome.
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awesome desing :D
izmene Sep 5, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Mad-Plot-Bunny Sep 5, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Then what's stopping you? : D

But thank you and I am glad to inspire you...if I did. ^^
izmene Sep 6, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you did and i am going to work on a fan art. owo
Elgieplz Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Those flowers in her hair...I'm guessing they're lilies right? o:
Mad-Plot-Bunny Jul 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
To be honset. I dunno but I think they are not real lillies, they can count as hair clips if you wanna.
Elgieplz Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
alright c: I thought it'd be cute if they were lily hair clips since her nickname's Lily and all xD
Mad-Plot-Bunny Jul 25, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Ah. It's fine eitherway. <3
Elgieplz Jul 25, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
okie dokie c:
Edowaado Jul 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How wonderful C : Graceful design, lovely character, I'll be cheering for you : )
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