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February 10, 2012
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PCBC3: Anything for a friend by Mad-Plot-Bunny PCBC3: Anything for a friend by Mad-Plot-Bunny
'Yes, I am aware I am talking to 'myself"


Mytho..don't look at me like that. I am doing this for Lillian, You're just an inanimate object...*sigh* I'd just want to keep my word to her before...I go.

I don't have much time left. I know it."

Yeah...kind of lazy, Endrun and school is being demanding of me plus my attempts to get a possible Japan school trip scholarship. So I have alot on my plate. This is an early sketch of Mytho and Igor. I finally decided to put it up.

Okay. I'll explain what's up and what I had planned in mind. So be prepared for a WALL OF TEXT. :p Actually Zeu and a couple buds only knew of Mytho's role. Here's the full story of what I had in mind. It was pretty much inspired by princess tutu and the Madoka series..mostly Madoka. That and some personal experiences when it comes to friendship. But enough that...SPOILERS! X DDDD

Igor...did not leave out of spite even if Lily was becoming borderline obsessive at the discovery of his illness. Lily was so adamant to save her old friend, her fear of loneliness. Lily worked and tried practically everything to keep up with medical bills and support herself and the others. The finical and mental stress was draining Lily and driving the two apart...even if Igor did not mind simply dying at that point. Igor chose to leave to spare Lily and hopefully end the circle.

Did not go as planned but it worked...sort of. Igor adbaonment was practically the last straw that broke the camels' back. Thankfully Lily...did not do anything stupid but obviously she was still a shell of her former self. If everyone she known and loved kept ditching her...then why bother? (Yeah..she was pretty damn close to taking some serious thought to ending her life.)

That and Igor, really did not completely leave her. Trust me..he tried but being a train pokemon all his life. Igor, just found himself wondering back checking up on her, once and while from afar but was fearful to go back.

Just it'll restart things all over again. Eventually with little to no improvement, Igor..just could'nt stand it any longer...just fearful for lily and feeling like crap. Better do something than watch..but what? Thankfully..coming across a loose flyer..was an answer, PCBC. Why? Because..if you noticed IPL and PCBC3..there's actually a bunch of people Lily knows on the ship. (Nick, Marcel, fio, Anuhea) if Lily's enjoyment for battles wasn't gone..then at least someone, ANYONE on that ship to knock some sense into Lily. Mytho was later a way to 'nugde' and interact with Lily to get her to join. Later followed her onto the ship to keep an eye on her, just showing up now and then.

Mytho is nothing but a mannequin puppet who Igor used a combination of psychic and subsutuite on it. So he contorlled this 'puppet' from a distance. If Mytho was here, then Igor is not too far behind. (The comics showed peeks of a hypno eh?) Think Cat saith from FF7...that's my best example.

Lily's story throughout PCBC3 would be pretty much go though a certain 'trial' and pretty much either realize a mistake or break one of her fears in her battles. So they would have a theme in each that would influence Lily's character usually postive (But there are negative moments like Fio's if I faced her). Just slowly but surely heading in the right direction with Mytho pointing the way dispite so many issues. Not sure what else goes on..besides that no super villain and whatnot. :<

Mytho, usually shows up around Lily the most usually if she's alone or troubled. Igor is wary of strangers besides old friends plus it takes alot out of him to use Mytho, so he can't use Mytho too many times nor should let himself be noticed by others. Mytho is'nt even regeistered on the listings which is why the jugdes, everyone else don't know a thing about him...or if he existed. Do note...he's protective of idea was if she ever faced Bear's trent...that guy has a dozen forks aiming for his head or eat his dream while sleeping. > XD (Just a silly doodling) One point, Lily does have a moment of worry if she's really loosing it or she has a stalker fan or something. >.>;;

Eventually 'mytho' would actually in the later rounds to get kind of weaker because Igor is loosing his power to contorl the body. So he would randomly passed out or daze to appearing less and less. Not sure what would had really happen it would had greatly vary depending which battles, she fought. In the semi finals or finale, Igor would finally come back and rejoins Lily's party for the last matches. The BAD ending would be she commits suicide in the end by jumping off the air ship. >.>;; (If she lost the 1st round..not sure. )

I had so much plans but I don't a way, Lily got her ending..story. I am still very happy to fight Zeurel and seeing his story thrive...XDDD

Yeah.. Igor is meant to look a bit of a mess..he's pretty sick and the overuse of his powers is taking a major toll on his health. sheer honestly, Igor can't speak human. :P

The finals champer is Lily fighting on the ship and mets up with Mytho again. This time ..just being vauge Lily KNEW..actually she figured and suspected Mytho fairly recently. Just she choose not to say it..until she was sure it was turly Igor. At this point.. Lily wishes to see Igor and maybe share a few words. Just she will let Igor decide for himself instead of Lily 'forcing' Igor to come back to her. Let him choose another trainer or not..all Lily wants to know if he's alive and well.

Lily could handle espically if others need her. But overall, Lily does thank Igor for his efforts even if it did'nt turn out the way they wanted it... Lily does not regert it one bit. (Yeah fighting for your lives in a ship full of team plasma members and a bat shit leader who is targeting a poor 17 year old.)

That's all I got. Might had missed a bit more but I hope it clears things up bottom reason is Igor, simply wanted to uphold his end and help Lily..the best way he knew how.

((Just for kicks, here is Igor stats))

Name: Igor
Species: Hypno
Nature: Calm, Strong willed
Ability: Forewarn (So's been an ass lately.)
Moveset: Disable, secret power, Psycho cut, substitute (Shadow ball+ psychic)
Info: Lillian's 'starter' and best friend, Igor has been with Lily since childhood. Igor devoted to his trainer and is more than willing to do just about anything for his trainer. Igor is far from possessive but he expresses caution towards strangers. Sometimes he likes to 'creep' others out for hun. However once you get used to him or if you're Lily, Igor is nothing but a big softie who would rather sit around and purr. However his battling skill is questionable due to his illness but remarkably his sheer will and devotion to Lily is what keeps him going.

-Igor's a bred pokemon, so his father was an alakazam. It could explain his egg moves and why he's extra fluffy. (His mane is amazingly soft )
-Ten years of preforming..he definitely has a few tricks up his sleeve
-Dispite acting like a human for a while, Igor would rather go and take a long nice nap and enjoy being a pokemon again. If anything..being human is hard.
-Usually Igor tends to work at least having two steps ahead due to his forewarn ability.
-Yeah..he talks to that 'body' of his every now and then..he's pretty lonely for some time.
-Igor could hear and see everything though Mytho.
-Igor's name is actually named afther a certain persona charater. :P
-Yes...Igor acts more like a cat than anything.
-Yeah, his ear is pierced as a placement where the monocle should be clipped on.
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MarkyVigoroth Feb 16, 2012
Would that not be odd for me to take a special interest in Mr. Igor when I looked in your gallery? (I am talking about the previous times I had gone into your gallery.)
Mad-Plot-Bunny Feb 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
This is the first I'd heard this from someone, however I really don't mind. :3
Thank you for taking interest in my pokemon oc's espically Igor. I dunno....he was actually inspired by Walter from Hellsing in a sense.
MarkyVigoroth Feb 16, 2012
...first time you heard what? /said several things/

I played Persona 3, by the way.
Mad-Plot-Bunny Feb 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Huh? I'd just meant you commenting about interest in my characters? Nobody has ever said that to me before. At least not in the longest time.

Oh! Then you know my silly tidbits? :P I'd played persona 3 and 4, more leaning on the 4th. But thanx.
MarkyVigoroth Feb 16, 2012

No; I just read the comment. I played elements of the entire Persona series, though.
Mad-Plot-Bunny Feb 16, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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