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Mytho Sullivan- Duality OCT App by Mad-Plot-Bunny Mytho Sullivan- Duality OCT App by Mad-Plot-Bunny

I told myself I would take a break after End run until this decided to show up and tempt me. If there is one thing I love like an idoit. It is the fact. I love fantasy rpg stuff, medieval to pokemon and.. it takes place in Unova. Yeah. I stood no chance. So I am giving this a shot. ^^ A few things might change in this profile. It was a PAIN to piece everything together. I hope it's decent.

Name: Mytho Sullivan
Age: 21
Faction: Mages
Hometown: Nimbasa City
History: Mytho Sullivan was born into a noble family of knights who proud themselves as descendants of an aura guardian. They were also controversial as there was no 'Aura' user in their family line the past five decades. He started off as the ignored middle child; until Mytho manifested his abilities at a tender age of eight. Mytho suddenly found himself in the spotlight, he was pampered but place on a strict treatment in hopes he would follow the path of an Aura Guardian. The bad news.. was when Mytho fell short of his family high expectations for him soon after he became the black sheep in favor of his elder brother. As Mytho lacked of intrest nor enough skill in becoming an aura guardion.
Unsure what to do with Mytho being somewhat of a disappointment. The family relectantly sent him off as an apprentice to his tutor, Salem Faraday (who is a close friend to the Sullivans.). So for the next seven years working with his tutor, delvoping an curiosity for pokemon and expanding his horizons outside his home. As of right now, Mytho is still an apprentice. But Mytho is taking his next step in becoming a schalor placing his sights on the school but all the while ignoring his family as best as he can. He is rather skeptic of the war actually happening, but anything is better than returning home.

R4-UPDATE: Mytho's memories at the twist mountain and his regerts for 'fighting' his own brother had given way to depression further more by Majora's dark influence and destroying Lilly's mental bond with him. What was the final straw was when Lilly suddenly 'left' him which turned him into a much more colder person and held his pokemon by a tight leash. He did not belive Lilly's story that someone tried to kill her and kicked her out of the group as punishment. However this created a fall out with the group, Mytho left his team with only Lumi and Majora. But he was later shot down during the siege into a church and suddenly under Majora's mercy; Lumi tried to defend him before Lilly and Alm showed up. Majora forced another hallucination in an attempt to kill Lilly but he fought it off enough to stab the bird and fend off Majora's assusalt. Mytho urged Lilly to leave him but she refused and reconnected with him provided her enough streagth to evolve into a gradevoir.

Mytho's injuries were severe and was unable to help or do anything when she was taken from him. Mytho found Lilly barely alive and she died in his arms; this round was pretty much emotionally shattering as physical. However Lilly's actions have ultimitely saved him from a grim fate and regain much of his sanity but now he must deal the harsh reality of his choices without her. 

Personality: Seemily quiet, Mytho does make his opinions heard one way or another but usually avoids not to stir up any arguments. Somewhat of a proud, judgmental passive-aggressive person but he makes up for it intelligence, fast thinking and sheer stubboness in his own way. Mytho prefers to distant himself from others, slow to trust strangers but if your patient, persistent or just.. dangle something worth his intrest. He'll come around to those who are truly patient with him. Personally Mytho has a no-nonsense attitude and is not the type to put up with anyone's crap nor shows interset. But the mage is capable of showing common decency and show respect to those who have authority, those who demand respect to simply to avoid trouble but sometimes his quips slip out anyways. Like most nobles, Mytho does have a BS attitude towards the lower class or look like it but he constantly seeks to prove himself.

But underneath Mytho is an emotionally insecure young man who dislikes relying on others or on him, having too much expectations from him to pushed to taking unnecessary descions, just to prove others but mostly himself wrong. Mytho is usually much more open around Salem and Lillian. To Mytho does have a capacity to be caring which is often seen with Lillian the Kirila and people who truly matter to him. 

UPDATE: Mytho did went through a depression period over his brother and gave way to Majora's darker influence further more he was suffering from hallucinations now and again. What was the last straw was Lilly 'leaving' him which turned him into a much more colder of a person. However but much too late.  Mytho is back on track, less violent and back to the realm of reality. But Mytho's pride has been broken while he has his haughty moments, he's simply too tired of everything around him and has much emotional burden. Yet Mytho has yet given up on life if anything solely because the fact that Lilly had given up her life for his sake and he would be damned if he gave up now.  

Only issue is that Mytho has little to no idea, what else to do now. If he should look into what happened to Lilly or to collect the peices of his shattered life. 

Extras: -It's a love/hate affair being an Aura user. Mytho's has something of a sixth sense. Here is what Mytho can most likely preform as an aura-user. (Think Eagle vison from ASC )
-Detect other pokemon/people presences and differate between them.
-Follow traces of aura (Like recent foot prints, blood or something)
-Reading a person/pokemon's emotions (Don't bother lying. He'll know.)
-Predict attacks to some extent. (Relies on timing)
-Aura communication (passes emotions to another person)

-Mtho expresses extreme discomfort around curse areas/ cursed, mentally insane people/ghost pokemon as a downside to aura reading. (Charlotte is an exception. He just feels off around her.)
-Mytho usually tries to think one step ahead, at the very least always have a plan B on hand.
-Mytho's ties with his family is strained but... they expected him to come home and out of the war since Mytho is their ONLY living proof of their inherited bloodline. But it's obvious that Mytho is adamant to stay away from his family.
-Mytho's view of pokemon is that he's curious and fascinated but sees them more as animals/pets with the exception of Lilly.
-He's not be the greatest sword fighter. But Mytho could defend himself from less than do-gooders when used alongside his aura ability. As he can sense incoming attacks and quickly avoid them. (Not entirely but it saved his skin many times.)
-He does respect both princes. But Mytho is concern with the idea of a possible invasion from the 'barbian' country and if they can be trusted with a truce. He supports the younger prince as to defeat the country first then treaties.

Family: Cecelia (Younger sister-)
Cassius (older brother.)

-POKEMON: :pokeball: :pokeball: :pokeball: :pokeball: 

+ Lillian- Kirila (Commonly known as Lilly. Mytho's 'darling' of a friend) MARKED AS DECEASED
Calm / Somewhat stubborn | Female
Mytho's first pokemon and often the pokemon who follows him around the most. Lil rarely speaks save for telepathy. Lilly is a sweetheart of kirila but strong in her own right and utterly devoted to her friend. Not to mention, Lil rarely obeys anyone but to Mytho. Lilly and Mytho shared a childhood bond together, often uses her to teleport short distances. Lillian has always been there thick and thin with him struggling with his aura abilities and his family expectations to his years studying under Salem. So Lilly understands Mytho the most when others could not. Mytho cares greatly and favors her above Majora and Charlotte. Mytho's affection for Lilly may come off as strange to others. But overall he simply sees Lilly as the equivalent of a little sister.

Lilly, however has been keeping an watchful eye on Majora. 

Update-:  During Round 4; Lilly was taken by two ghost pokemon in a plot to murder her by an unknown trainer who wanted her out of the way. Thankfully she was saved by a passing Riolu and they worked to reach to Mytho before the seige. But Mytho had already grown more disturstful and kicked her out of the team for her 'betrayal' urged by Majora. Instead of leaving, Lilly went into the city to find her friend before it was too late. Lilly found Mytho in time after he crashed landed into a church and fending Majora off who turned on the group. This restored faith for eachother and gave enough strength for Lilly to evolve into a gardevoir. She fought Majora to the death at last moment.. Majora snatched Lilly and flown high above the city to drop her. Instead Lilly sliced Majora's wing despite knowing that they will fall to their deaths. Lilly had barely survived the fall but she died peacefully in Mytho's arms when she was buried outside the city by the old mill. 

Lilly gave her life for her beloved salvation, she succeeded in saving Mytho from a grim fate.Lilly's death and actions have made a serious impact on the group and to Mytho.

She will be forever missed. 

Majora- Sigilyph (That dumbass insane birdie.)  MARKED AS DECEASED

Hasty / Alert to sounds | Male

Mytho desperately wished that he NEVER bought the damn bird from that 'smiling' salesperson that costed him an arm and a leg. Now the bird seeks to rip off well.. his arm and leg. Majora is a mysterious bird who went completely mad when he was first captured and taken from it's native home with an INTENSE hatred for humans. Unpredictable and extremely violent. Majora tears apart his opponents without mercy. Mytho dislikes Majora but he needs him for study and well...releasing him is not the best option. To Mytho, Majora is nothing more than a mentally challenged bird. He dares not try to teach Majora any psychic moves. Majora rarely speaks expect when he crackles. So Mytho rarely lets him out unless it's necessary, study to feeding him. Majora is actually intelligent, silently bidding his time waiting for the chance for freedom though murder. The only thing stands between him and freedom is Lilly.

If there's someone else Majora despise the most than Mytho (or any human) it's the kirila. 

-Update: Majora had been influencing Mytho though his interactions and dark energy since R3, he was the one who destoryed Lilly's bond with Mytho and replaced with his own in an attempt to destory Lilly's realtionship with her human. However during the events of R4, Majora was pretty much leading the show and taking advantage of Mytho's depression and emotions for his own gain. But his overconfidence became his undoing; he and Mytho were struck down by an archer crash landing into a church. Majora had survived but seeing Mytho's weakness; he decided to take his chance for freedom. Majora would had gotton what he so wanted if Lilly had not showed up. Majora tried to force Mytho to do his bidding but Mytho fend him off so far to protect Lilly from his wrath. Lilly evolved and she and Majora fought to the death in the end, Majora was defeated by the gardevoir but in a last ditch effort and refusal to admit defeat. Majora snatched Lilly and fled to the skies intending to drop her to her death. However Lilly had other plans, she used her sword to slice Majora's wing off dispite knowing they will both die from the fall.

Dispite this.. Majora fought back before Lilly finally silenced him once for all, he was dead before he hit the ground. Majora like Icarus, his fooliness and pride was the cause of his fall. 

-The sigilgyaph design is inspired by :iconsafayia: (I thought to get this out of the way. Yes. I got her permission of use. ))

+ Alm-Riolu

Adamant / Capable of taking a hit | Prankster | Male 

This mysterious wolf pup; Mytho and him met eachother during twist mountain on less than friendly terms. Riolu tried to force Mytho's group off of the mountain by force. They met again in the tunnels, Riolu tried to warn Mytho that they were in the lair of a very dangerous ariados before they were attacked. Luckily Mytho saved Alm's life from the spider and killed it but not before his brother Cassius turned on Mytho where Alm fled than stay and fight. Alm had always regretted his choice and left the mountion for his own reasons. Oddly enough, Riolu wittness two ghosts dumping a bag over a brigde which it turned out to be Lilly instead. Riolu had done much in R4 and he admitted to be fond of Lilly and her faith for Mytho and humans enough to sway his choice to help her. However even with his efforts, Riolu could not save Lilly from the fall. Mytho had much to thank the riolu and dispite being free to leave, the riolu choice to stay to uphold his honorable word with Lilly.

Mytho was relectant at first but gave in thus the riolu was given the name of Alm. 

-Alm speaks though aura. However his english is'nt so great, so bare with him.

-Alm is'nt very patient with humans save for Mytho. He's not very used to them, so he can be rude at times.

-Alm is strangely serious for a puppy but he has his 'moments'. 

+ Lumi'ere-Porygon2 (A gift from a friend. )

Modest / Capable of taking a hit | Trace | Unknown 

During the raid, Salem gave Mytho, an evolite necklace with some passing words to Mytho before Mytho was forced to leave him behind. The keepsake turned out to housed a very rare pokemon; a living light prism pokemon; Porygon 2. Lumi's relationship with Salem is vague at best but it's obvious that the man kept Lumi out of sight for it's own safety and how Lumi expresses sorrow in light of the situation. Mytho had dubbed the little bird 'Lumie're' (Light), so far Lumi seems to be only comfortable with Mytho and not other humans. But the porygon 2 houses quite.. interesting powers such as bending space in a limited area and has enough power to level down a brick wall effortlessly. Lumie're is usually a sweet if shy little bird who tends to spaz out if frightened... with disastrous results. 

Update: Before Lilly and Alm showed up. Lumi was the one who remained with Mytho dispite the fallout. He attempted to fight Majora on his own, Lumi actually put up a good fight before Majora grasped his evolite and crushed it. Luckily Mytho had grabbed Lumi's evolite before Majora could destroy it. Lumi's actions were not in vain, he protected Mytho in respects of Salem's wishes and as a friend. He provided enough time for Lilly to come. However the evolite has not shine ever since as Mytho fears the worse.

Notes about Lumi: 

-The evolite is basically Lumi's held item and he adopted it's properties in it's body. Basically he's much harder to hurt. :D

-Lumi is dependent on a light source to appear out of his 'home', either absorbing light during the day or Mytho passes his aura enough for Lumi to fight. 

-Lumi has a limited time to be 'awake' varying on how much light he absorbed and he cannot go too far from Mytho (carrying the evolite) if he ties himself out. He'll retreat back into the stone.

-Lumi usually shows himself as a ball of light now and again. (Think Navi. But less annoying. XD)

-If the evolite is destroyed, Lumi will die. 

-Don't frighten Lumi, He'll start shooting at everything and everyone until he's calm down by Mytho.

+ Charlotte- Rotom (A happy little electric ghost makes a great subject.):

Naive / Quick to Flee | Levitate |Gender: Unknown (Female sort of....)

The newest of the team and another pokemon that Mytho is studying. Charlotte haunted someone's castle whom his tutor managed to excrised and captured her. Not much is known about her, Mytho is still learning about her species if the so called possession of tools is true. Charlotte is a playful little bugger who enjoys nothing more than zip around and have her human chase her all over the place. To Mytho, she gets on his nerves but she's much easier to work with compare to Majora. 

Update: Charlotte like Sissel, they left Mytho's team when he kicked Lilly out of the group. Charlotte was reluctant to do so but luckily she and Sissel came back. They fought Majora off in an ambush effort before they were shortly dispatched but like Sissel, they suffered little injuries. But Charlotte despite being rather thick-minded, she knows that Lilly is gone and she misses her and their little family like Sissel, she stayed to give the group another chance or simply she had norwhere else to go.

+ Sissel-Ditto (The pink blob that can TALK.)

Bold / Scatters things often | Limber | Unknown (Associated as a boy?)

Sissel used to be a thief pokemon but later grew bored with the state of his life, ditching his dim-witted partner for better pastures. Sissel sneaked into the school and switched himself with one of the pokeballs. The whole mix-up landed Sissel into Mytho's hands. Needless to say Mytho was lessed than pleased. But already Sissel had settled himself comfortably in Mytho's room and aims to stay. Not only the ditto is the only member of the group to even speak English. Sissel is a bold talker, openly curious of humans and isn't afraid of a fight, to openly questions Mytho jokingly. Be warn that Sissel's deviousness and questionable intelligence is not something to be underestimated and his bag of tricks up might be a blessing in disguise for the group. SO far, Sissel proven to be a reliable pokemon to the group, he usually sticks onto Mytho, much to his annoyance. 

Sissel and Mytho's relationship is more among the lines of a partnership, he's simply states that he'd grown some amusement with the group besides the ditto has nowhere to go anyways. 

Update: Angered and offended by the way Mytho treated Lilly and how their future is next to slim. Sissel was the first to leave stating mytho's behavior. But eventually came back due to Lilly's example and just in time to fend off Majora. Sissel obviously does care for the group and wished to have more for Lilly at least tried to save her. At least Majora is out of their lives; yet Sissel chose to stay stating he'll give Mytho one last chance. 

Notes about Sissel: 

-Sissel has a thing to transform into weapons more than pokemon

-So Sissel is a makeshift secondary weapon or he can transform his limbs into various forms. (Although Mytho has NO idea what sissel turns into and he's not exactly good at other weapons save for the sword.)

-He's a clever little bastard and knows what he can and not do.

-He has no apriball yet, so he's usually hanging about on Mytho usually in another form. 

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